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  • How Belief Coding changed my life

    We are always told that our core beliefs are formed before the age of 7 and in turn, these are what usually come back to us in later life in the form of limiting beliefs.

    I had a great childhood and so, was adamant I had experienced no traumas that would impact my core beliefs. But I was thinking about what I as an adult would deem a trauma, not what say a three-, four- or five-year-old might think was a traumatic experience in that moment.

    I think when we hear the word trauma it conjures up dark things that you would completely understand impacting you later on in life but if like me nothing springs to mind it can be hard to understand limiting beliefs that strike in your mid-30s.

    I had been working on a couple of things that were keeping me from showing up in my business and making the progress I knew I was capable of.

    But if I am honest, I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was bored of talking about it and bringing up all the emotions again and again.

    As someone who worked in a highly toxic and extremely sexist work environment for most of my working life, it was hardly surprising that I had a problem putting myself out there, speaking up and believing that people cared what I had to say.

    All the work I did concentrated on conscious feelings, so experiences I thought formed these limiting beliefs.

    Going over and over these events and feelings and giving airtime to people who had probably never given me a second thought was just increasing my frustration levels.

    So, many modalities focus on identifying the limiting beliefs and then we are told to reframe them and seek evidence to counter the beliefs.

    I did all the work.

    But when was I going to be able to move through the limiting belief?

    In reality, I didn’t. I kept experiencing little shifts but that barely lasted, and I was still stuck in the same place because I had never actually addressed the cause.

    We all know that Facebook listens to our conversations, and it seems can read our minds – but for that, I am grateful because it was on a particularly low day that an advert for a Belief Coding Masterclass with Jess Cunningham appeared in my feed.

    It started the next day and I immediately signed up because by then I was willing to try everything and anything.

    I had never heard of Belief Coding, or of Jess, by the time she appeared on The Apprentice I had long since given up watching, so I honestly had no idea what it was about or what I was letting myself into.

    The reality though was that the three-day free masterclass changed my life!

    I think it was the second day when during the work that I had the mic drop moment when I realised where this limiting belief came from, thanks to finally working with the subconscious – which has all the answers.

    I was transported back to a memory from around six years old when one comment created the limiting belief that was now stopping me in my tracks 34 years later!

    I signed up to Belief Coding almost immediately because I had learnt more about myself in those two free sessions than I had in years of coaching.

    My original plan was just to use the modality to work on myself but after seeing the impact it had on me and the 18 people, I worked with during my training I realised it was only fair for me to share it.

    I have always believed that the big difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t is their mindset – so to be able to combine practical business help with mindset mastery can only be a good thing.

    To give you an idea of the things I have worked on – either on myself or with others here is a long but not exhaustive list because you really can use Belief Coding on everything: –

    • Tiredness

    • Anger

    • Anxiety

    • Pain – including back pain and headaches,

    • Not showing up my business

    • Fear of failure/ success/ the unknown

    • Procrastination

    • Comparisonitus

    • Lack of self-belief

    • Lack of self-worth

    • Not finishing things

    • Self-love

    • Quieting the negative self-talk

    Whatever the perceived issue is, the process is exactly the same and we get to the root of the issue and work through it, before coding in new powerful beliefs to allow you to move forward.

    I hope from this blog you can see the impact Belief Coding has had on me, and I am sharing because if I can help one person live the life they want, as the person they dream of being then it has all been worthwhile.

    So, if something is holding you back, in either your life or business – or both, then I am here to help and for a limited period I am offering sessions for a reduced price of £150 in return for a testimonial.

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