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Belief Coding®

The way we behave, think and act stem from our belief systems as they create our character and the foundation of who we are.
This is why we always have all of the answers within ourselves and the good news is that once we transform our belief systems, we transform our life!

Changing lives one belief at a time

Belief Coding® will transform your life

Belief Coding® uses principles of positive psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, meditation, Matrix Re-Imprinting, Emotion Code, Kinesiology and energy healing to tap into the subconcious to understand where certain thoughts, feelings and beliefs come from. It then enables us to quickly and easily change the beliefs that no longer serve us and code in new, more positive beliefs and experiences in the moment.

Belief Coding Session

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Are you holding yourself back from your hopes and dreams?
Constantly anxious, stressed, feeling like you’re never good enough?
Fed up of letting negative self talk stop you from moving forward?
Your beliefs might have something to do with that and we can change them with a single Belief Coding® session.

What's included in this service

Currently on sale at £111

The Process


Discover the Limiting Belief

We find out what is holding you back and how it is impacting your life.


Work with Your Subconcious to clear the emotion

We work with memories to overcome, resolve and diffuse the trauma that created the beliefs in that moment.


Code in new Positive Beliefs

We create a better, more positive reality with the beliefs that get coded in.

What can it be used for

Trust me when I say it can be used on everyone for everything including pain, trauma, blocks, procrastination, phobias and chronic illness because we get to the root of each and every problem.

 – If you are struggling to show up in your business
 – Battling money blocks
 – Overcome by overwhelm or anxiety
 – Focussing on negatives all of the time
 – Or, just completely stuck in a rut (or anything in between)
Belief Coding® can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is essential you are hydrated before the session and remain so throughout so make sure you bring water with you, as well as some tissues (just in case). You also need to bring an open mind that Belief Coding® will help you. 

Nothing, except to make make sure you are hydrated so drink two large glasses of water before your session and come prepared with a glass too.

Belief Coding™ is not traditional talk therapy, don’t worry too much about telling your facilitator where you think and feel everything has come from. Be open for sure, if you are able too, but most importantly, Belief Coding™ will take you to the root cause of your discomfort.

Sometimes if we release really big emotions or something we have held onto for a long time, we can feel really tired and drained for a few days after a Belief Coding™ session. This is actually a really good sign that a new energy is rising.

Please don’t worry. Your subconscious only usually shows you what you are ready to see but we have a range of safeguarding tools to protect you and help you work through the memories and beliefs

No, sessions are not recorded so you can feel completely at ease.

Have More Questions? Get in touch!

If you’re not sure if Belief Coding® can help you, or you want to understand more about the process I am happy to explain more.

Want us to teach you?

Unleash Your Brilliance

Unlock your full potential and start living your life your way!

On paper, being you should be the easiest job in the world! Yet for whatever reason so many of us find it increasingly hard to say what we want, act as we want and abandon the shoulds and expectations of others.
Through this coaching we can transform your mindset and reprogramme your limiting beliefs so you can step into the fully authentic version of you.

Your next stepS

Fed up of staying stuck and listening to your bullsh*t?

Then the perfect time is now to take action and start living the life of your dreams, not sitting around and hoping things change on their own, or settling for your lot.

“I had no idea what to expect from the session but Becky put me at ease straight from the beginning. I felt completely safe and secure and found it easy to open up. I worked through my anxiety which was having a huge impact on my life and I have seen a big change after just one session.”


“I was really struggling to show up in my business. I was going out of my way not to take the action I knew I needed to take, and kept saying I wanted too. I had an amazing session with Becky and the memories that came up made complete sense in hindsight. We worked through them and I have made real progress since then.”