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Unleash your potential!

It’s so easy to settle, in our lives, our careers or our relationships and sometimes it’s because we haven’t even realised we are. Instead we wake up one day wanting more from our lives which leads us to question everything!

I know first-hand how You Feel

It's your life so it's time to live it your way. Imagine waking up every single day excited by what was ahead?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream, we can make it a reality by getting clear on what you want that life to look like and why you are not living it now.

There can be so many reasons for this and remember as Marie Forleo says “everything is figureoutable” so just because life is not what you want right now we can fix it and by fixing it that does not have to be finding a new job, or partner or an entirely now life – instead we can create a better mindset with new beliefs that serve you now!

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Hi, I'm Becky

But, who am I? Wow, what a question that is and it’s one I have spent the best part of the last four years trying to discover.

I was a sports journalist, then a freelancer helping small business owners with websites, content, social media, PR and marketing.

And then covid struck and I lost my entire income overnight.

But I also gained a lot of time to decide what I really wanted to do with. The only problem was I too scared to go after my dream!

I did all the work behind the scenes, branding, website,ย  and even wrote courses, but ended up going back to what I knew.

All because my confidence and self belief was rock bottom after lockdown, which I know affected so many others as well.

In hindsight though that was a blessing too because the inner work went into overdrive, leading me to coaching, neuro linguistic programming and most recently Belief Coding.

And more importantly bring me to exactly where I am today. So much happier, more confident in myself and trusting in my business and stepping outside of my comfort zone and finally combining everything I love.

I am here to help women break free from their labels, societal norms and limiting beliefs, to find themselves and create a life that excites them every single day – just like I have!

Let's go a bit deeper


My Core Values

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Respect others especially their time, knowledge and opinions and always belief in yourself because you can do and achieve whatever you put your mind to.


What I'm Not About

The hustle, following the rules, people pleasing, doing what you think you should, and what everyone else does and settling for anything less than you really want.ย 


What I truly believe in

Doing life and business your way, doing what makes you happy not what other people expect, chasing your goals however big & crazy they may seem and always being you.


A Fun Fact about me

I was a sports journalist for 15 years working for Preston North End, Tranmere Rovers, Manchester United, the EFL and the BBC.

My Brand Manifesto

I believe that life is too short to settle for anything less than what sets your soul on fire. We are a community of passionate individuals who won't wait for the "right moment" to take action, make a change, or embrace our potential. So, just do it!โ€‹

My signature program

Unleash Your Brillianceโ€‹

On paper, being you should be the easiest job in the world! Yet for whatever reason so many of us find it increasingly hard to say what we want, act as we want and abandon the shoulds and expectations of others.
Through this coaching we can transform your mindset and reprogramme your limiting beliefs so you can step into the fully authentic version of you.